Upcoming Speaking Engagements

IABC World Conference – Washington D.C. (June 11-14, 2017)

What is important in our careers evolves as our lives and priorities change. So often we allow our career paths to be determined by opportunities that are presented to us, rather than creating a vision of where we would like to go. In this short session, you will be shown a way to create a career vision that not only helps clarify to yourself where you want to go, but can provide a framework for how you talk about it so that others can help you get there.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Whether your career is stuck in a rut or you’re on a fast track to leadership, learn how to imagine what “ideal” looks like so that you can ensure the path you’re on is the path you want.
  • A fun exercise that you can do throughout your career to stay true to your goals as they evolve with your priorities through life.

PRSA International Conference – Boston, MA (Oct 2017)

Angee will share her “best in show” break out session “Make or Break: Your first 90-days in a new job, new role or with a new boss,” with the global PRSA audience. Stay tuned for more details.

Past Speaking Engagements

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014, 2015 and 2016

Angee was thrilled for the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) three consecutive years. She shared great information to leaders to help them think differently before hiring, and then retain their top talent. She also did a “TED talk” style presentation in the community hub titled, “Getting it Right When the Story is You.” This conference for Microsoft Partners brings 16,000 people together from companies around the globe.

IABC World Conference (New Orleans – June 2016)

Angee earned recognition as one of the “best in show break out sessions” when she was invited back to the IABC World Conference to do a session called “Make or Break: Your first 90 days in a new job, new role or with a new boss.”

PRSA Jumpstart (Seattle – Spring 2016)

Angee joined a panel of PR professionals at this year’s PRSA Jumpstart event geared toward young communications talent looking to start their career. The panel titled, “PR and Me: Navigating the Industry” covered topics ranging from lessons learned to interviewing tips to industry changes and trends.

Podcast with Icology’s Chuck Gose

Angee was interviewed by Icology’s Chuck Gose for his podcast for internal communicators after her presentation at IABC’s World Conference in June. Check it out HERE.

University of Washington, Communications Leadership Program

As part of an ongoing relationship between the University of Washington’s communication master’s programs – MCDM and MCCN – Angee Linsey conducts five workshops geared toward helping these present and future communications leaders manage their career.

Topics include:

Finding Your Career Path

This graduate program has given you direction, but there are many paths with a variety of opportunities that are ahead depending on your specific goals and talents. When faced with this question, “What is your ideal next job?” it is important to have put some thought behind the answer to ensure your career path is one where you can thrive. In this workshop, you will learn how to assess who you are, your skills and competencies, and what kind of environment would allow you to contribute to the best of your ability. This workshop is a great foundation and will help you tell your story for years to come.

Creating Key Messages to Tell Your Own Story

Most of us are great at talking about our company, our products and our teams, but when it comes to talking about ourselves, we often miss the mark. Whether in a job search, or simply speaking to someone about your career goals, it is important to have a solid communication strategy in place. The most powerful way to connect to that next great job opportunity (internally or with a new company), is to have meaningful conversations. This workshop will give you practical, hands-on methods for creating your communication strategy for job search, networking or expanding your responsibilities within the job you have. We will also cover ways to implement that strategy.

Job Search Tools – Resumes, Linked In, Portfolios and More

Your resume is an important introduction of your skills and experience, and in this workshop, we’ll cover how to present your talents in a way that tells your story well. But in addition to the resume, we’ll also discuss portfolios (electronic and hard copy versions), your social media and general online presence when it comes to job search.

Creating a Job Search Strategy (from a Communicator’s Perspective)

A Job Search Plan can be directly correlated to a communication plan. Why not approach your job search in a way that makes sense to most communications professionals? In this workshop, you will learn how to approach your job search like you approach a communications plan. From evaluating where you are and where you want to go, targeting your audience, and setting timelines to creating a career development path that makes sense. Whether currently in a job search, or simply speaking to someone about your career goals, thinking through the job search plan is as important as a communication plan is before any project launch.

Interviews and Beyond

As communicators, interviewing for a new role would seem like a walk in the park, using one of your best skills to land that next great opportunity. Unfortunately, the many lessons often taught by communicators, are not put into practice for themselves during an interview. In this workshop, we’ll practice the four steps that will ensure you are ready to share valuable and relevant information, using tools you already have in your communicator’s toolbox.

University of Washington, Undergraduate Communications Program

In 2016, Angee taught a one-credit course to UW undergraduate students in the Communications program. Over the course of two afternoons, she helped students figure out how to best tell their own story, create resumes and Linked In profiles that capture the attention of future employers, and great long-term career development strategies for success.