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Tell Me What You Think: Are you Deliberate in Your Career?

I have the great pleasure of speaking with communications leaders every day. What I notice is that those who rise to the top and are sought after as executive leaders have been very deliberate in their careers. They sought stretch assignments and continued to hone their skills as results-oriented communications practitioners. They were intentional in job moves. They chose great leaders to follow. They built a network early in their career. Long and short, they nurtured their careers over time so that when those choice executive assignments arose, their reputation was known, and the recruiting calls came in.

I also speak to a lot of people in the mid-management level: that ambitious senior manager or director who is looking to grow in his or her career. In many of my conversations with individuals at this level, I hear frustration that the right doors aren’t opening, or they aren’t sure how to be more mindful or proactive about their own career management.

If the latter describes you or one of your direct reports, I’d like to introduce you to this new program Linsey Careers is rolling out in 2018, and ask you to share some feedback through our survey.

Being Deliberate in Your Communications Career

This program will be two days, dedicated to intentional career development for communications professionals – for people who see themselves as high acheivers and hope to one day lead a communications function. The hands-on sessions will include:

Looking back to move forward – a fun way to assess where you’ve been and how your past can propel you to your ultimate career goals

Creating your career vision

Establishing key messages to tell the story of YOU

How to have meaningful career conversations with your boss, your mentors, your network and recruiters

Creating an action plan for what you will DO to be deliberate in your career

The event includes a panel of CCOs who will share their career heights and missteps, answer your questions, and advise how to make the right moves to achieve your career goals.

By the end of the two-day workshop, you will not only have extended your network of high achieving professionals, you will also have a tangible approach to being deliberate in your career including:

a vision for your future that can evolve as your priorities change over the course of your career,

a way to articulate who you are and the direction you are going so others can help you get there, and

an actionable plan for what to do weekly, monthly and annually

I’d love your thoughts on ways to ensure this program is meeting your needs. Please take a moment to respond to this short survey.

If you would like to receive more information and locations for where the workshops will be held, please sign up here.