Finding the story within a company and telling it well through both words and images is what you love to do. You create compelling content in both digital and traditional formats, designed to inform and engage internal and external audiences. You will be a key player in sharing the DEI and corporate responsibility initiatives that employees, customers and investors care about. Staying on top of trends – from marketing and communication tools to pop culture – is just part of your DNA.   

You are distinctive – you stand out and shine, always shooting for better. You get results by being accountable, proactive and scrappy. You know how to focus and distort – pooling your energy and resources to go after the right opportunities. You know how to work in a fast and agile environment. Your mantra is “all for one,” because you collaborate, partner and help others be their best. You can self-manage because you are self-aware and open.


  • Tactically Skilled with strategic understanding and input– You love to make it happen by rolling up your sleeves to get the job done. You have the technical proficiency and solid engaging writing skills to create engaging content that can be used on the company intranet, email communication, printed materials, digital signage, LinkedIn, podcasts and more. You’re not an order taker – you ask good questions and understand the strategic goals behind the work you do so that you are contributing to the over-arching communications strategy and business goals.
  • Teamplayer/Relationship-driven– You thrive in a diverse or multi-disciplinary group to achieve a common goal. Whether it’s a productive brainstorming session, or pulling together in a crisis, you know that it’s collaboration, not competition that creates successful outcomes.
  • Results Driven – You find ways to succeed no matter what the challenge, taking ownership of responsibilities by evaluating, selecting and employing various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives. You are self-directed. And most importantly, you know how to deliver results.
  • Curious – You have natural curiosity, so you research on your own, ask probing questions and take little for granted. You master a situation and learn new things fast. Continuous learning is an essential part of your life.
  • Creative/Risk Taker– While there are tried-and-true tactics in your toolbox, you explore new ways of thinking and continually strive to create best-in-class programs that move your company and industry forward. The entrepreneurial spirit shines through in your willingness to experiment with new approaches and take action even though the outcome is uncertain.
  • Flexible – You are ready and able to adapt to different challenges quickly and comfortably. You effectively work with change.


Internal and External Communications

  • Support development and execution of internal communication strategy that drives the company’s global business goals and reinforces culture/values
  • Develop comprehensive communication materials (intranet content, audio/video, print, presentations, LinkedIn, etc.) to improve understanding of company strategy and drive employee engagement
  • Keep the corporate narrative fresh and updated by recommending new content that aligns to business goals and culture
  • Support key stakeholders in creating, implementing and measuring company-wide campaigns to increase understanding of employee benefits, wellness programs, performance review processes, and other employee-focused initiatives
  • Contribute to employer brand narrative to attract and retain the best talent for the organization to include LinkedIn strategy and implementation
  • Create and maintain various documents and tools to assist in carrying out and measuring effective communications

Plans and Projects

  • Manage internal communications content calendar for while liaising with global partners for input and approval on a regular basis.
  • Be willing to jump in wherever help is needed for the team when implementing big communications events or projects.

Executive Communications

  • Create speaking points, speeches & FAQs for company-wide employee communications and projects that impact employees.
  • Support planning and implementation of all-hands employee meetings to ensure meeting objectives are achieved.


  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, marketing or related field.
  • 5+ years marketing and communication, preferably at least 3+ years in internal communications

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