What We Do for Our Clients

Whether you’re the CEO of a small startup or an executive of a larger organization, you know that selecting a senior marketing or communications professional is one of the most critical hiring decisions you will make. After all, this is someone who is going to shape how your business presents itself to the world.

That’s a big job — and you need the right person for it.

Finding that person isn’t easy. Can you capture the attention of candidates on job boards? Absolutely. Are those the candidates you want and need? Not always.

At Linsey Careers, we have a better way to go about
filling your key positions.

Our approach follows from a basic insight: Top-tier candidates — the candidates you want — are busy in their current jobs. To reach these candidates, you need a recruiter who truly knows the best marketing and communications professionals out there — and will help you find them.

Right from the start, we team up with you to think differently:

  • focus on careers


    Begin with the end in mind by understanding your business goals and how the person in this role will help you achieve those results.

  • corporate culture


    Define the cultural attributes necessary for success at your organization.

  • Identify

    Determine what success looks like by identifying the results the person should achieve in three months, six months, one year, and beyond.

  • Select

    Now armed with a Success Profile to drive the search, we are able to bring you a tailored slate of top-tier candidates.

The Best Solution for Your Business

We have a knack for turning up highly targeted, highly qualified candidates from a range of proven sources. We will ensure that you have everything you need to make an exceptional hiring choice. We have done this repeatedly for organizations of all sizes.

We look forward to doing it for you.