Linsey Careers expertise
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What We Can Do For You

Building great teams comes down to one crucial element:


At Linsey Careers, we know that businesses work hard to build and foster a winning culture. We know that the right hire can strengthen that culture — and the wrong one can undermine it.

That’s why Linsey Careers places a unique emphasis on helping you find marketing and communications professionals who have the right skills, and fit seamlessly with your team from the very start.

You want to find someone who lifts up your team.

You can’t afford any crossed wires — or crash landings. When you work with Linsey Careers, you’ll find that our emphasis on culture begins with the way we treat you.

We pride ourselves on being collaborative, responsive and strategic–providing candid, objective counsel when you need it most. That’s our culture.

We want to help you build your culture — with your very next marketing and communications hire.

For Clients

If you’re an executive looking to fill a marketing or communications position, learn how we can help you.

For Candidates

If you’re a candidate with proven expertise in marketing or communications, check out what we can do for you.