Client Testimonials 

As a boutique strategic communications firm based in the Pacific Northwest, we find the recruitment of high-quality candidates a challenge for two reasons. The first is simply capacity to dedicate time to a thorough search and vetting of candidates. The second is access to a candidate network well beyond our own circles, whether they’re in our region or outside of it. We made the decision to hire a search firm to be a strategic partner in our recruitment, but we really wanted somebody who understands communications. That’s how we found Linsey Careers. While investments like this can feel significant, it’s hard for us to put a price tag on their contributions. They understood the value of culture, were open to creating a unique process that fit our needs, and were thoughtful and responsive to both our leadership and the candidates throughout the search. The early success we had with them has led to additional searches. For a growing firm, Linsey Careers now feels like a partner that would be hard to live without. That’s the sign of a great service provider.

– Managing Partner, Quinn Thomas

I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years, but none compare to Linsey Careers. I retained Angee to fill a vice president of marketing position, a vital role in the highly competitive industry. Angee took the time to really understand our company and industry, and then worked with me to identify the core attributes and skill sets that our ideal candidate would need to have. With that knowledge she was able to quickly find high quality candidates. Throughout the process she provided strong guidance and insights to help us make the best hiring decision for Sesame Communications. The new VP is a phenomenal fit for the role and the company and was hired ahead of my projected timeline. In his first months in the position he’s already made a measurable difference, and gained the trust and respect of his direct reports and of the executive leadership team.

– CEO, Sesame Communications

Linsey Careers is the first search firm I call when I need to hire someone. Angee is a highly skilled recruiter and she is articulate, direct, compassionate and realistic with companies and candidates alike. She has helped me hire innovative corporate communications teams at two separate companies in two different industries. She quickly grasps the skill sets and cultural fit needed for a candidate to be successful in an organization.

– Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Jackson Family Wines

Angee is one of the best executive search professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. She takes time to truly understand the what, how and why of the role she is trying to fill. In working with Paladino, she spent time with the hiring manager and other key executives and leaders to understand our culture, what was important in terms of the results we wanted to achieve and our company values to ensure a good fit. Angee provided insight on our selection process, honest assessment of candidates’ strengths and growth potential and focused on finding the right fit for the role for both Paladino and potential candidates. Our VP of Business Development is a fabulous fit and has already demonstrated meaningful results within the first few months. Angee is also a natural networker and well-connected in the industries she serves. This aids in her ability to provide a rich talent pipeline and accelerate the selection process. Plus, her sense of humor and energy is just fun to work with!

– SVP, Human Resources, Paladino and Company

Angee and her team really came through for us on a critical search for a communications director. We struggled for several months to find the right candidate before calling Linsey Careers. Their process to cut through the clutter and get to the essence of the job requirements was refreshing and easy. In no time, we had a list of strong candidates to interview. Angee managed the process from start to finish, providing not only the typical mechanics of a job search, but valuable advice and guidance along the way. And she’s unique in the executive search given her years of experience as a practicing communicator—so she instinctively knows what makes a great communications professional. I highly recommend her for your next communications or marketing search.

– VP Communications, FMC

During the multi-phase Full Time Fabulous blogger search contest for Sunglass Hut North America, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Angee Linsey. She was an essential partner who asked questions to understand the business and marketing objectives, raised concerns when recruiting best practices were at risk, consolidated the talented candidate pool, and orchestrated the final selection process. Throughout the seven months of planning and execution, she added value with every contribution to exceed leadership’s expectations. Balancing the needs of both audiences – Sunglass Hut and blogger candidates, Angee effortlessly represented the style-inspired Sunglass Hut brand with such professionalism, all the while keeping the candidates on task so that they did their best. I admired the way she brought structure to the high-volume, fast-paced project, her ability to bring the best out of each candidate, her excitement for the project, and her grace when delivering unfavorable news. Angee was an integral partner with whom I hope to work with very soon if the opportunity arises.

– Fulltime Fabulous Marketing Project Lead, Sunglass Hut

Angee Linsey has made all the difference to our students’ success by giving them such essential strategic career guidance. Her workshops and career coaching have been fundamental to providing our constituents with the relevant insights necessary for today’s employment market. We’re lucky to have this lively, engaging, entrepreneurially-minded professional as our partner.

Director, Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington

Candidate Testimonials

Angee Linsey is one of the finest recruiters in the business. As a candidate I valued her transparent and direct approach throughout the entire process. Angee was a pleasure to work with and someone I would recommend to clients or individual candidates.

– Vice President, Communications, Logitech

I’ve worked with a lot of executive recruiters over the years, but Angee stands apart from the rest. Her approach is refreshingly thorough, ensuring that the fit is right for the company as well as the candidate. From the first moment she called me through the first day in my new role, I experienced high levels of communication, timely responses, and a thorough preparation on the company I was engaging with. Angee has become a trusted advisor and someone I will be more than happy to work with again — as a recruitee or as someone wanting to hire the right person for the job.

 – VP Marketing and Business Development, Physicians Insurance

The professionals at Linsey Careers provide exceptional service to both clients and prospects. They have a well-balanced approach that serves the needs of their corporate clients but also treats job candidates with care and sensitivity. I would recommend Linsey Careers to anyone who is seeking to fill a key staff position or anyone looking for their next great career move.

Director, Communications and Public Relations at Braskem America