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Pop Up Power Sessions

pop up power session

Pop Up Power Sessions

Your time is valuable and limited. Long term master mind programs can be fantastic – but sometimes it’s hard to make that kind of long-term commitment when you just want a career tune up. That’s why Angee created Pop Up Power Sessions for marketing and communications professionals who want to dare to be deliberate in how they move forward in their career. These exclusive, small group, two-hour sessions are virtual and include:

  • Power packed content giving you actionable tools to keep your career on track based on your values, strengths, priorities and preferences. Topics announced in advance of each session.
  • On-the-spot coaching for the small group of participants to receive individual attention plus learn from each other.
  • An intimate way to expand your professional network that has long term benefits to your career.
  • A place to continue to connect with the network you build in these sessions.

Honest · Knowledgeable · Real

Here’s what people are saying after working with Angee

Communications Director, Phoenix, AZ

I found our work together to be immensely helpful and also gratifying. It was a huge benefit to me and really changed the way I thought about how to direct my career going forward. I only wish I had discovered her sooner!

Head of Executive Communications, New York, NY

Angee is incredibly thoughtful and a damn good listener. Her advice is always practical, and she is also very direct and honest. She is more than a career coach – she is a career therapist.

Communications Executive, Seattle WA

I got the job I wanted--and the one that made the most sense. Angee also helped me focus and not overextend myself during the search.

Communications Director, Plano, TX

Angee is equally empathetic and no-nonsense. Her honesty and direct approach are what make her effective.

Marketing Strategist, Seattle, WA

I am amazed to look back on the progress I have made both personally and professionally since our first meeting. There's a quote from Brene Brown, 'Never underestimate the power of being seen.' Thank you for seeing me, believing in me and coaching me. It has made a world of difference in my life.

Head of Communications, Houston, TX

Angee's short online lessons were particularly effective as part of the overall coaching package. The key messages component has transformed how I talk about what I do present day. The statements I make about myself and what I do is so much more impactful and powerful. I speak with more confidence about what I do.

Communications Senior Manager, San Francisco, CA

Angee helped me develop my personal branding strategy that was better aligned with my experience and who I am. It was electrifying. I directly attribute my career success to this work.