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Speechwriter Recruiting

Hiring the best speechwriter for your executives requires intention

There is a difference between a communications generalist and an executive communications professional who works magic with words for your top leaders. We get it. That’s why we wanted to include a special place for speechwriters and executive communications professionals.

As a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association, I understand that speechwriting shouldn’t simply be lumped in with other communications functions. It’s a unique discipline that requires skills and sensibilities quite distinct from other facets of communications.

– Angee Linsey

Whether it’s something as high-stakes as a public address, an annual-meeting speech, or legislative testimony, or addressing employees during times of change, “good enough” won’t do. Such moments can define you and your organization in the public mind.

In those moments, who you need is a specialist who is not only an excellent writer, but who can also work effectively with both senior executives and mid-level subject matter experts. What’s more, you need someone who is a quick study, a trustworthy advisor, and a collegial team player. Someone with a remarkable balance of ego and humility.

That’s a lot – and the individuals who possess all of these traits are not easy to find. But we know who they are, where they are, and which ones might be best for your specific needs. Give us a call.


So often the best speechwriters literally stumbled into the executive communications career path. The broad skillset required for these roles goes well beyond writing. Being deliberate in how you build your executive communications career requires time and attention. We’re here to help.

If you are an experienced speechwriter or are looking to hire the top talent In this niche, give us a call.

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