Linsey Careers


Marketing and Communications Recruitment

Because when you hire,

there’s no margin for error


You know that every new hire matters.

The right hire can help your company soar. The wrong hire can tangle you up and send you tumbling. That’s especially true when you’re looking for marketing and communications professionals. You’re looking for someone who gets your mission, fits your culture, and is ready to take your business to new heights.

You need the right person for this job — right now.

Maybe you’ve looked for that person on your own.

Maybe you thought about using one of those corporate search firms.

What you need is a partner who understands your needs, and will work with you to make your next hire a success — because failure isn’t an option.

What you need is Linsey Careers — a national executive search firm that helps you find the best marketing and communications professionals for your team.

Because we know that for a hire this important,
you can’t afford a “do-over.”

Our passion is finding the right long-term fit for clients and candidates.

Are you ready to step out and soar?