Career Coaching

For many marketing and communications professionals, branding strategies for your company can be a piece of cake, but creating a personal branding strategy can leave you frustrated. The reality is, people who make themselves positively memorable are the ones who are most often valued and positioned for opportunity. Whether you are stuck in your job search, looking to elevate your performance, be considered for a new role, or gain new clients, working with Linsey Careers can help you navigate your career with intention and confidence.

Each engagement is customized; however, a typical three-month program includes achieving the following deliverables:

Looking back to move forward: Where have you been? What skills and experiences have shaped your career? Which skills and experiences are transferrable to the future of your field? We’ll work together to assess who you are, what you have to offer and how to use that information to create your career vision for the future.

Communication Strategy: While many people are great at telling the story of their company, their team or their products and services, they often fall short when talking about themselves. We’ll create a communication strategy for how you can best tell your own story so that others understand and can help you get where you’re trying to go.

Resources and Tools: Your personal brand also includes tools like your resume and your digital presence. We’ll evaluate what you have, what you need and what you should eliminate to ensure an exceptional presence on paper and online.

Cultivating effective career conversations: The reality is, your close-in network is most likely to help connect you to your next job. Having meaningful conversations is an art with a little science behind it. Learn how to turn the dreaded idea of networking into conversations that are effective and build relationships that you want to nurture throughout your career.

Job Search Plan: We treat job search like a project. And with any project, having an effective plan in place will not only help you achieve your goals more quickly, we have a tool that will help others understand how they can help you.

Here’s what our career coaching services include:

  • Scheduled one-on-one meetings by phone, video conference call or in person, as part of the career coaching process. E-mail follow up and consultation as needed.

  • Create strategies for working through the career issues and goals you’ve identified. This strategy will define the recommended approach for working together, deliverables and timelines. Program modification based on your progress and needs.

  • Additional resource recommendations if your needs exceed the services best provided by Linsey Careers.

  • Periodic check-in after your coaching sessions have completed to discuss progress.

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