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Part of daring to be deliberate in your career means being good at hiring the best talent for your team. Setting up a quality interview process is an important part of evaluating candidates. Because of busy schedules, many managers are limited to 30-minute interviews. That’s just not enough time for a conversation that may result in hiring someone for your team.

If breaking it down, the first five minutes are spent with small talk and introductions. The last five to ten minutes should be left open so the candidate can ask you questions. That leaves only 15 minutes to learn about the experience and skills the candidate has to offer your organization. Add to that a full schedule of back to back meetings with the other interviewers — where at least one is certain to run over, thus shortening the time for the next conversation.

By just adding 15 minutes to each interview in the line up, you are allowing a better quality conversation and the opportunity for your interviewers to gather enough information to make a good assessment of the candidate. Listen in for more about why 30-minute interviews are a bad idea and what you can do to help your panel of interviewers know your vision of what success looks like for the position you’re hiring.


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