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So many of us eagerly find mentors at the beginning of our career. But at the midpoint, we may find ourselves in a slump. That is when you need a mentor most. In this episode, Angee provides some startling statistics around how valuable having (and being) a mentor can be to your career.

One fortune 500 company with a formal mentoring program in place tracked the career progress of 1,000 employees over a five year period. They found that both mentors and mentees were about 10% more likely to get a raise than people who did not participate in the program. Employees who received mentoring were promoted FIVE TIMES more often than those who did not have mentors.

Even if you are in an organization that doesn’t have a formal mentor program, now is the time to find one — or even create your own personal board of directors. Angee shares who should be on that board.

Listen in.


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