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Sometimes it feels like that conversation with a recruiter isn’t a real interview. After all, there are definitely things you can and should tell the recruiter, that you may not say during the interview with a company. Building trust between the recruiter and candidate is essential so that you can share what is truly most important as you seek your next career move. But keep in mind, there are things you can do to make sure the recruiter is getting an accurate picture of who you are professionally. When a video call is how you are going to make your first impression, there are a few things you can do to ensure it’s a good one.

As a recruiter, Angee often finds herself pointing out those opportunities to make sure the candidates she works with are putting their best foot forward. What’s funny is that she has heard more than once, “Oh… I would never do that in a ‘real’ interview.”

When you interview with a recruiter, it is definitely a “real” interview. You are making a first impression. And that recruiter wants you to be “the one.” They want you to succeed. Help them help you!

Avoid Distracting the Recruiter – It’s a Real Interview!

In this episode, Angee shares a few ways you can make sure you’re not doing anything that distracts the recruiter from learning about your skills, experience and career goals. Basics on how to avoid things that distract that recruiter from all the reasons you are the ideal person for a job.

Take notice of your general appearance. Look behind you and pick the best background that is not distracting. Have the light on your face instead of behind your head, causing you to be in the shadows. It’s totally fine if your dog barks – hers might do the same. Kids coming into the room unexpectedly? Cat crosses the keyboard? That’s part of life at home. It’s all good. But every interview is a real interview.


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