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The Power of Connection four people talking in a group networkingBlog

The Power of Connection

It’s really common for people to neglect their network when everything is going smoothly. You may not want to “bother” someone just to catch up. Or maybe it’s just been too long since you connected, so it feels weird. But…
Angee Linsey
November 16, 2022
Show Me the Data woman at desk with papers showing charts and graphsBlog

Show Me the Data

One of my favorite things about good marketers is their ease with numbers. It’s a regular part of a marketer’s job to report on the success of campaigns and programs. They know business targets, and they measure the number of…
Angee Linsey
May 26, 2021
Climbing Out of Your Funk woman climbing out of dark holeBlog

Climbing Out of Your Funk

  This week, I witnessed four different job candidates go into a complete tailspin as they tried to figure out how their interviews were going. There was self-doubt, frustration, disappointment. There were tears. So many of you are in this situation.…
Angee Linsey
April 16, 2021