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Not many people say they want to be a speechwriter when they grow up. Those who landed in this profession, however, tend to be amazing writers with insatiable curiosity. They have a unique ability to capture the voice of their principals. As they move through their careers, there is often the desire to be a more strategic partner to the executive team.

In this episode, David Murray, Executive Director of the Professional Speechwriters Association (PSA), and Angee Linsey talk about speechwriters and executive communications professionals and how they can dare to be deliberate in managing their career.

David also shares results from this year’s survey conducted by PSA. In there, Communications Executives share their hopes and expectations from speechwriters on their teams. David also offers advice for those who hold this role and what they can add to their personal career action plan in order to level up their speechwriter career.

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David Murray

David Murray, Professional Speechwriters AssociationDavid Murray is editor and publisher of Vital Speeches of the Day, an 85-year-old collection of the best oral communication in the U.S. and the world. He’s also executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association. He’s been a prominent commentator on communication issues for 25 years.

Murray co-wrote the New York Times-bestselling memoir Tell My Sons (Random House, 2013) and a memoir about his advertising copywriter parents, Raised By Mad Men.

Murray’s writing on communication and other subjects has appeared in many media outlets including The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Advertising Age, Sailing Magazine, Golf Magazine, Car Collector Magazine,, the Huffington Post and Chicago Public Radio.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Chicago.


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