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Erin Passan has been a successful CCO and is now managing partner at Gagnier Communications. Over her career, she has learned some pretty valuable lessons when it comes to the importance of building strong relationships with peers across all functions within an organization.

In this episode, Erin and Angee talk about why you need strong relationships with your peers beyond communications in order to get things done, get stretch assignments and get promoted. Erin shares stories of how she did it — after an “aha moment” of finding out she wasn’t doing it very well. She also offers tips for you to build those relationships — whether it’s when you first start in a new organization, or if you haven’t been doing it and need a fresh start with your peers.

Erin Passan

Erin Passan

Ms. Passan is a Managing Partner at Gagnier Communications. Prior to joining GC, she was Senior Vice President and Head of Communications and Content at Janus Henderson, where she was responsible for public relations, advertising, content and social media. She has more than 20 years of communications experience and was previously Chief Communications Officer for Farmers Group, Inc., a Fortune 500 insurance company, where she managed a staff of 65 professionals and all aspects of internal and external communications.


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