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Let’s be honest. Most people hate the concept of networking. In this episode, Angee interviews Heather Hollick, author of the book Helpful, where she provides a practical guide for life, work and the art of networking.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there are ways to approach strengthening your professional relationships. Heather shares concrete things you can do that align with your personal style — plus she throws in a few tips when dealing with others who are opposite of your introverted or extroverted style.

Find out the best networking question and stop asking, “What do you do?” And hear what she says you should stop doing when it comes to networking.

The conversation ends with things you can do for your career action plan, so download it here.

Heather Hollick

Hi! I’m Heather — a speaker, writer, and coach on a mission to make the world a better place to work.
Heather Hollick
I arrived at this place via a rich career path that started with teaching math and physics to high school students and wove it’s way through a wide variety of companies, cultures, and environments. I’ve thrived amidst the technological intensity of Silicon Valley and the urban density of London, England. These days I make my home among the trees, not far from the lake, in Northern Michigan.

I draw upon a broad range of experiences as a seasoned leader, teacher, coach, and change-agent across multiple disciplines — including IT, HR, consulting, and volunteer organizations; across industries — such as health insurance, high tech, consulting, and the public sector; and spanning such companies as Cisco Systems, United Healthcare, Research in Motion, and the Pensions Department of the British Government.

As an INTJ, my interests are broad, often revolving around my fascination with organizational behavior and complex systems. I have a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Purdue University and an MBA from UC Berkeley. Regardless of my academic status, I never stop learning.


If you don’t already have your Career Action Plan, you can get one here.

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