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When preparing for an interview, many people focus on telling the story of their background, experience and accomplishments. Those things are all critically important, but one question can be a deal maker or breaker — and it has nothing to do with your past. That important interview question (well, two really) is why this job and why this company?

Just like you want those interviewing you to like you and choose you for the position, those interviewing you also want to know you want them. It’s easy to have in our heads what attracts you to a certain organization. But being able to articulate what it is about THIS role and THIS company matters. Companies want to know that you are running toward them, rather than away from your current circumstances.

In this podcast, Angee talks about a few things you can do to get clear about the answer to that important interview question. Not only will you be able to figure out how to tell that story to those interviewing you, it will help you get super clear about the answer so you are making the right career decision should an offer come your way.


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