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Danielle Martinetti dreamed of working in the fashion industry since she was a child. That dream came true and for a decade she did public relations for Luxoticca, planning events and working with media at fashion weeks around the globe. She loved her life and her job, but yet, burn out creeped up on her. What came next was a big shift that lead her to Narrative Medicine, Covid Contract Tracing, becoming an End of Life Doula and returning to her love for writing and getting published.

Listen in to Danielle’s story and her lessons learned while having a very cool job — and knowing when it’s okay to make a change.

Danielle Martinetti

Danielle Martinetti received her first fashion magazine at 10 years old and promptly plastered her bedroom walls with the glossy pages from the fashion well. This kicked-off a lifelong interest in fashion and pop culture that sent her to F.I.T., multiple internships, and a long public relations career working with global luxury brands. For almost 20 years, she cultivated relationships with top editors, influencers, and celebrities, and designed award-winning PR events and programs. And then she walked away, stripping herself of a career that had become an identity.

Unsure but curious, Danielle went back to school to study Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and became an end-of-life doula. While studying, she held a series of intriguing part-time jobs from managing a dog grooming shop to working as a pastry assistant at a French bakery. It was during the covid pandemic that Danielle was truly able to converge her communications experience with her newly acquired narrative medicine skills to become a contact tracer. For over two years, she spent her days committed to connecting and understanding the stories of New Yorkers that were diagnosed with the corona virus. She has emerged from these past experiences with gratitude and a renewed interest in public relations but this time, with a focus on healthcare and wellness.

Danielle is currently working on a book of personal essays about her experience with mother loss, singlehood, career burnout, and choosing to live happily ever after in New York City. Her essay about undergoing genetic testing and its impact on her health will be published on Huffington Post this spring.


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