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I often interview candidates or do career coaching with ambitious marketing or communications professionals. I find that they frequently express frustration when not getting those stretch assignments or promotion opportunities in their current organization. There are a few things you can do to make sure you are considered for those opportunities. Our guest on this episode spells it out.

Krista Todd, Logitech Communications V.P., has stretched and grown within her role since joining the company. She has also been intentional in having career conversations with her team to give them new opportunities as well. Today, she shares tips to ensure your boss knows where you’re trying to go, so she can help you get there.

Krista Todd

Krista Todd

Krista Todd was recognized as someone who was going to excel in communications from the early stages in her career. From her first communications course, to a career in agency and in-house corporate communications, Krista quickly moved up the ladder.

Logitech recruited Krista to be the succession plan to the Vice President. Only 11 years out of college, they tapped her to learn the ropes to take the helm. She proved herself as a leader and strategic thinker, and on schedule, she took over the global communications team at Logitech.

Krista’s pull toward this field is all about the variety offered as a communications leader. “My job is new and exciting experiences everyday. It does make life more interesting,” she said. “The industry changes, the company you work at changes, the world evolves, technology changes, the ways in which we can communicate with our public changes. This all means that I must change, adapt, grow, learn and push myself regularly. I love that.”


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