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With 75% of internships and new graduate jobs being postponed, cancelled or moved to remote work, there are a lot of young people who are going to have a delayed start to their career. Angee is asking for you to pay it forward by talking to students and new graduates about your company and various roles that may have never been on their radar. And we’re not talking about OPEN positions. This is an opportunity to uncover possibilities for the future.

In an effort to help new graduates facing an incredibly daunting job market, Angee is rolling out a four-session web course that will give students and new grads the tools they need to set themselves up for success as hiring begins again. As professionals, we know that building our network takes time and effort. Actually, finding people who are willing to share their wisdom and provide guidance is a gift. There is no better time than now for you to give that gift to the college students and new graduates.

Who knows? Maybe it will be as good for you to serve as a mentor and coach as it is for that new graduate.


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