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I’ve been invited to join a panel during this year’s Jumpstart half-day career development conference for aspiring PR professionals put on by the Puget Sound PRSA. This is an excellent annual event geared toward new or newly graduating communicators who want to, well, jump start their career by learning all they can from seasoned PR pros.

The organizer was kind enough to send a few of the questions in advance. One question had me curious about your thoughts on the matter.

When interviewing candidates for marketing and/or communications positions, do you want to see a portfolio? If so, do you prefer it to be online or should the candidate whip out a hard copy portfolio during the interview? And if they do, should they create something that could be left with you, rather than perusing it during the conversation?

I have my own opinion on this topic, but I would love to check in to see if my thinking is in line with your best practices. What is your preference when hiring?

If you have an opinion on this, hop over to our Linked In posting and let me know your thoughts.