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Hiring senior marketing and communications leaders can be tough. Posting a generic job description doesn’t work at this level. HR execs, and likely the internal recruiters, typically don’t have the targeted network to rely on strong referrals for every niche. That leaves you with crossed fingers and an empty desk, likely with months of waiting.

If that’s the way you prefer to hire, please don’t call me.

In fact, don’t call me if you don’t want to make time to really get serious about what success looks like for the person joining your team.

A critical part of our process is working with you to not only understand the skills required for your role, but more importantly, what will this person actually do to help your organization achieve business goals. Yep, we talk about your organization a lot. What matters to leadership? What keeps them up at night? And most importantly, how will the marketing/communications leader you hire help with those challenges?

Speaking of success, don’t call me if you refuse to have a plan for this new hire to ensure they are set up to be able to do what you need them to do.

We include that piece as we put together your Success Profile. We help you think through what success looks like in the first 90 days, six months and one year. Spelling it out – and not in generic phrases that really don’t mean anything – not only helps us identify people who can actually do those things, it sets appropriate expectations for the candidates you interview. Not to mention it gives you a clearer vision of what you really need as you meet each candidate. This leads to better interviews and evaluation criteria as you compare candidates.

And please don’t call me if you’re looking to hire a mediocre player for your team.

We spend our days nurturing our network with some of the best and brightest talent in the marketing and communications world. ‘A Players’ want to go to an organization where they can learn and grow and make an impact. They want to work with leaders who inspire and challenge them.

We work with great leaders because they want you to hire great talent.

When you know that having strategic marketing and communications leadership in your organization is an investment that drives performance for your entire organization, definitely call me.