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Are you asking too much of your candidates? Many companies are asking marketing and communications candidates to show a little proof of what they can do. They ask them to create original content, write a comms or marketing plan, or even do a full analysis of a website or social media campaign. Sometimes complete with a presentation to share the findings. Is that asking too much?

In this episode, Angee shares why it’s better to put some limits on when and how you “audition” a candidate. Asking anyone to invest hours of their time to create original content too early in the process is a huge turn off for most people. Your top tier candidates may be especially turned off. This may likely result in you losing them before you have a chance to get to know them. Save those kind of assignments for the top two finalists — and make sure you limit the scope of the assignment.

Angee also offers an approach for team fit that she’s recently added for some clients and has seen some great results. If you’re looking to hire, give Linsey Careers a call to help you identify and select the right person for your team.


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