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Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: Finding What Matters

Most people want to have purpose-driven work, or to find their purpose in life. But that can be pretty daunting or even disappointing if you can't pin down quite what that will be. In this episode, Angee shares some insights…
Sharon Tousley
October 13, 2021
man in hard hat looking at completed remodel projectBlog

Be Like Dana: Principles for Success

Like many people during the last year, I did a little home remodeling that just got finished a few weeks ago. The project ended up being a great experience because of Dana, the contractor I hired to do the job.…
Angee Linsey
September 9, 2021
looking through a window at three people in a coffee shopBlog

Going Back to “Peopling”

With our work and social life increasingly taking place in person, many of us are noticing that it takes a lot more energy to be around people than it used to, even for the extroverts among us. (Ahem — me.) …
Angee Linsey
August 3, 2021
Kristin GrahamPodcasts

Kristin Graham Takes the Show

It's Podcast host Angee Linsey's turn to take the hot seat. In this episode, Communications Strategist, Keynote Speaker and self described word nerd, Kristin Graham, takes the mic and interviews Angee on how she has dared to be deliberate in…
Sharon Tousley
June 30, 2021
Travis ParmanPodcasts

Travis Parman, CCO AppHarvest

AppHarvest Chief Communications Officer Travis Parman has had an exciting career that spans three continents, leading communications for major global companies. Prior to his current role, he was heading up North American communications for Nissan. His team was running on…
Sharon Tousley
March 24, 2021
Team with hands together showing value of picking the right teamBlog

Talented Peers Make you Better

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? I ask this question in every podcast interview and the answers are always SO good! In my upcoming podcast with Travis Parman, Chief Communications Officer of AppHarvest, he shared the advice that shaped…
Angee Linsey
March 17, 2021