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If you’ve recently accepted a job offer, you’ve surely done a ton of homework on how to negotiate the salary and all the other things that might be negotiable. But what about that conversation before you receive the offer? This is your chance to confirm your own assumptions and ensure those things that could impact your new job are out in the open.

In this episode, Angee walks through a few things to consider talking about with the recruiter as they put the offer package together. By sharing information like vacations that are already planned with tickets purchased — but will be within the first couple of months on the job; or the fact that you won’t be comfortable giving notice until your boss gets back from that business trip — meaning the start date is a week later than hoped. These are things that are easy to manage if you talk about them up front.

The conversation before the offer is just as important as the offer negotiation itself. It’s a chance for you to get clear in your head what you are asking for and gives the recruiter a chance to help you get the offer you want.


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