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It’s Podcast host Angee Linsey’s turn to take the hot seat. In this episode, Communications Strategist, Keynote Speaker and self described word nerd, Kristin Graham, takes the mic and interviews Angee on how she has dared to be deliberate in her life and career.

The two women, who have become friends as their professional paths crossed throughout the years, have a lively banter about life, travel, careers and being willing to take a few risks along the way. This episode will give the listener a little insight into how Angee has become so passionate about her work as a recruiter, career coach and world wanderer.

Kristin Graham

Kristin GrahamA former journalist, Kristin Graham loves to explore the latest on neuroscience, psychology, and biology to figure out how our minds and bodies can be amplified. She spent 20 years leading culture and communications at global companies (most recently at Amazon) and is now a consultant, trainer, and speaker on how to amplify your internal superpowers, be heard in a noisy world, and minimize the distraction of day-to-day life. Find her online at, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


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