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Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: It’s Okay to Take a Break

As 2021 comes to a close, Angee reflects on the interesting and busy world for those who are hiring or trying to be hired. While in past years Angee has emphasized the importance of using this time of year to…
Sharon Tousley
December 22, 2021
Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: Uninspired at Work

Feeling uninspired at work could be like a relationship rut. As much as we would all love to wake up every day excited about our jobs, there are moments in time when it feels a bit mundane. Uninspiring. In this…
Sharon Tousley
November 10, 2021
man in hard hat looking at completed remodel projectBlog

Be Like Dana: Principles for Success

Like many people during the last year, I did a little home remodeling that just got finished a few weeks ago. The project ended up being a great experience because of Dana, the contractor I hired to do the job.…
Angee Linsey
September 9, 2021
David Albritton, Nineteen88 StrategiesPodcasts

David Albritton, Nineteen88 Strategies

 David Albritton's career has taken him from the US Naval Academy and serving in the Navy, to earning his way to the level of Chief Communications Officer at multiple corporations, and then serving as President of GM Defense. Some…
Sharon Tousley
August 11, 2021
man in boat in choppy waterBlog

Navigating the Choppy Waters Ahead

“The Great Resignation” is everywhere. My LinkedIn and news feeds are full of stories about it. And no wonder. A record 4 million people left their jobs in April, according to the U.S. Labor Department. It’s a big deal. If…
Angee Linsey
July 21, 2021
Kristin GrahamPodcasts

Kristin Graham Takes the Show

It's Podcast host Angee Linsey's turn to take the hot seat. In this episode, Communications Strategist, Keynote Speaker and self described word nerd, Kristin Graham, takes the mic and interviews Angee on how she has dared to be deliberate in…
Sharon Tousley
June 30, 2021
Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: A Culture of Yes

There are offices that are known for responding to nearly every request with an "it's not my job" sentiment. The result is that people find work arounds and alternate resources to solve the problems that should be served by that…
Sharon Tousley
June 2, 2021