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There are offices that are known for responding to nearly every request with an “it’s not my job” sentiment. The result is that people find work arounds and alternate resources to solve the problems that should be served by that negative team.

In this episode, Angee shares the story of how she learned that a “culture of yes” can change how others view your team — and how in doing so, the work done by that team improves.

She learned the concept from a Captain she worked for while in the Navy Reserve. His team had that “not my job” reputation until he took over. He introduced the concept of never saying “no,” but instead, finding ways to say yes. Maybe it’s by solving the problem in a different way — or maybe it’s pointing the person to the right resource when it really is out of their scope of expertise.

The result of the shift to a culture of yes was remarkable. Better assignments and recognition came their way. And the team was having more fun.

Listen in and learn how to adapt a culture of yes to your team.


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