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Short: A Culture of Yes

There are offices that are known for responding to nearly every request with an "it's not my job" sentiment. The result is that people find work arounds and alternate resources to solve the problems that should be served by that…
Sharon Tousley
June 2, 2021
Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: Avoiding the Handshake

In today's era of the threat of Coronavirus, avoiding the handshake has become a very real thing in professional settings. When interviewing for a job, can you decline the handshake greeting or farewell and still make a good impression? In…
Sharon Tousley
March 11, 2020

CEOs Weigh In — Culture Matters

“Culture is the differentiator for any company.”  That statement by Raj Singh, co-founder of Concur, was reinforced throughout a panel discussion at last week’s CEO Forum “From the CEO’s Perspective,” led by executive coach and author Teri Citterman. Joining Raj on…
Angee Linsey
October 30, 2015