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It’s difficult to say yes to an offer when it is clear that the team that interviewed you is not in alignment with what success looks like for the role. How do you uncover what the expectations are for the role and if you are the one who can make it happen?

In this episode, Angee talks about the time she took a job where this happened. Every stakeholder had a different idea of what she was supposed to deliver. The value of really understanding the business goals, and how you will help the team and organization meet those goals is a great place to start when uncovering what success will look like.

Ask questions early and often to get the clarity you need to know if this is the job for you. The answers may not always be as clear if a team is new or evolving — and that’s okay for some. But if there’s a nagging feeling that the job may not be set up for success because of differing expectations, it’s worth asking for another conversation with your future boss before accepting the offer.


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