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David Albritton’s career has taken him from the US Naval Academy and serving in the Navy, to earning his way to the level of Chief Communications Officer at multiple corporations, and then serving as President of GM Defense. Some of his moves were planned and others were because of major business shifts, causing David to adjust more quickly. But when his adult daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia, David made the biggest shift by stepping back from his position at Amazon Web Services to focus on his daughter and grandchildren.

In this episode, David tells how the Naval Academy has influenced his career, how he leads and how he looks left and right to those around him for knowledge, support and strength. He shares how his career moves were sometimes by choice and sometimes by chance – but at all times important to how the next move was shaped.

Now leading his own coaching and consulting firm, David hopes to use those lessons to mentor and coach others as they navigate their careers. David’s firm can be found at

David Albritton

David AlbrittonDavid is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who spent 10 years as a Naval officer before transitioning to a 20+ year corporate career where he developed a strong reputation as an inspirational coach, trainer and mentor. His career includes a variety of senior executive roles that included President of General Motors Defense; Vice President & Chief Communications Officer of Exelis Inc.; Vice President, Communications, at Amazon Web Services; and Vice President, Communications at United Way of America.

Now as full-time executive coach, he is passionate about using his deep business knowledge, experience and insights to help clients at all levels in any industry to develop actionable strategies to pursue their “North Star” situational and career objectives. David has a very affable personality, so he’s able to easily relate to clients quickly in order to build trust and more easily dive into the important work they will do together.

He is a skilled group facilitator that enjoys identifying the critical working elements of a team dynamic and uncovering better ways to relate to and work with each other. David is married with three children and three grandchildren. He truly enjoys RV camping with his family, bass fishing, off-road Jeeping, mentoring young professionals and meeting new people over many years during his travel to more than 50 countries.


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