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Short: Tell Me a Little About You…

Communicators are often much better at talking about their company, their team or their products, rather than talking about themselves. But when asked that seemingly simple question, "What do you do?" or "Tell me a little about you," so many…
Sharon Tousley
February 12, 2020

Are we there yet? When it’s time to hire a CCO

Companies that reach a certain point in their evolution and are prepared to welcome communications to the C-suite are my kind of companies. Naturally, I enjoy helping organizations at this stage identify and hire the right communications leader. It’s what…
Angee Linsey
November 8, 2017
Linsey Careers BlogBlog

The “Essentialism” of Hiring

As a hiring leader, it’s a good problem when you can’t decide between two or three fantastic candidates for an essential role on your team. Unfortunately, that “problem” doesn’t happen often enough. What is more likely to occur is to…
Angee Linsey
December 17, 2014
Linsey Careers BlogBlog

Live and In Person

This week I had the great pleasure of attending the IABC World Conference in San Diego and I must confess I feel completely energized! I had lunch with my former University of Missouri journalism school advisor, Dr. Don Ranly (who…
Angee Linsey
June 16, 2011