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Andrea Driessen has dedicated her career to helping companies, non profits and teams to become more communicative, effective and capable. She also has a deep understanding of the importance of recognition, reward, appreciation and productivity in the business world. Andrea has developed a powerful, actionable tool that helps people express themselves to those who matter.

Founder of, Andrea shares her message and method for recognizing people for who they are, not just something they did. Beyond a thank you note, Grace Notes are a way to give the gift of seeing the value someone brings just by being who they are. In today’s world of feeling a bit disconnected, this week’s conversation will hopefully inspire you to break out pen and paper and send a few Grace Notes of your own.

Andrea Driessen


Andrea DriessenAndrea Driessen is the founder of the global Gracenotes “eulogies for the living” movement. Her TEDx Talk about Gracenotes went viral on day one.

As a hospice volunteer, Andrea understands the profound power of open and caring communication between those who are dying and their loved ones. Her newest initiative is A Greater Legacy , via which she stages unconventional celebrations of life for both those who have passed and those who are still living.

Andrea’s dedicated her career to helping people and organizations become more effective and capable. And has owned a speakers’ bureau for over 20 years.

Her first book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning, won 3 publishing awards, including best how-to book in 2020 and best business/communications/PR book in 2019. She also contributed to The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Meetings and Remote Work.


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