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Too often, in an organization, we make the assumption that everyone knows what we do when we sit down for that cross functional team meeting. But if you are introducing yourself as “the comms person” rather than talking about what you do as it relates to the mission at hand, you’re missing an opportunity for positioning yourself as an expert and a valuable team member.

In this episode, Angee expands on the concept of positioning yourself and shows how even people you know may need to be reminded of who you are and what you do today — because their perception of a “comms person” may be based on past experiences with others — good or bad.

Also — you may have grown since you last worked with someone on the team. Maybe you have better leadership chops or you’ve expanded your knowledge or skills in a certain area that is beneficial for this project team you’ve joined. This is exactly the time to re-position yourself early by describing how you will be contributing to the team based on who you are and what you do today.

By positioning yourself appropriately for every situation, you can build trust and confidence within the team, and demonstrate your value more quickly.


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