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When you’re daring to be deliberate, you have to stay on top of how you’re showing up at work. There are times you will be rockin’ it on the job. Then there are moments when you fall into, what today’s guest describes as, the “velvet rut.” In those moments, it’s time to adjust.

In Angee’s conversation with Kristin Graham, they talk about how her career has been filled with making changes and taking chances. Not only has her path been influenced by her “three-year itch” and desire to constantly learn and grow, but also those moments of intentionally stepping back.

Through it all, Kristin’s commitment to investing in nurturing her vast network has been the key to having doors open and allowing her to have an inspiring career. As she shares the story of her experiences, she offers some ideas for you to consider in your career action plan. If you don’t already have one, you can download the Dare to Be Deliberate action plan here.

Kristin Graham

Kristin GrahamKristin Graham leads communications and culture work at Amazon in Seattle, WA. A former journalist, Graham has centered her career on storytelling, moving from nonprofits to Fortune 50 organizations to dot-coms.

Throughout her career, she has overseen executive and employee communications, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, learning and development, global recruiting, and employer branding initiatives.

Graham is a passionate student of communications and how it intersects with information and brain science. She teaches writing courses at Amazon and is a frequent speaker and blogger in the industry. @kristingraham


If you don’t already have your Career Action Plan, you can get one here.

Dare to be Deliberate: Level Up Your Communication Career is available here on Amazon