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Career transitions happen in a multitude of ways. Maybe you got a new job at a new company, or you’ve been promoted in your current one. Maybe a reorganization has you leading a new team. And even getting a new boss can be a bit of a transition.

In any of these situations, the first 90 days will make or break your success in that new role. So often we think about the work and what needs to be accomplished in those first weeks and months. But equally important – if not even more important – is how you transition into that role.

Did you create a 90-day plan for your own transition last time change happened to you on the job?

This week I’m heading for New Orleans to the IABC World Conference where I’ll be speaking on this subject in one of the breakout sessions. It’s an important topic for people who have recently changed jobs, think they might in the future, or know they’re going to have a new boss at some point. So, I guess that means everyone.

A friend and I were sharing war stories of how we’ve really screwed up in our own personal onboarding due to lack of planning over the course of our careers. She laughed and described onboarding like learning how to swim. Did your parents throw you in and tell you to find the way to the side? Or did they wade in with you to make sure you were comfortable?

Just like learning to swim, companies may throw you in the deep end, or gently ease you into the organization. But what can you do to make that transition a success?

In my session I’ll be sharing some war stories of others, and of course some of my own, and through those stories I’ll outline a plan so you can be successful throughout your career every time you land in a new role or get a new boss. I hope to see you there.