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We all know that things aren’t going to be exactly the same when we get a new boss. The amount of change that’s ahead for you will depend on the new leader’s personality and goals, as well as what she has been hired to do. But here’s the great news — you get to begin with a clean slate. There are no preconceived notions about who you are, or what your strengths and skills may be. Think of it as an opportunity to polish up your personal brand and showcase your best self. In this episode, Angee shares some ideas to make it easier when you have a new manager.

You know how people recommend a 90-day strategy when starting a new job? Well, what if you created a 90-day plan for having a new boss?

Listen in for actions you can take in those first three months of having a new boss so you can get off on the right foot, and help your new manager as they integrate onto the team.

Dare to be Deliberate Shorts are designed to provide ideas for actions you can take daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to level up your communications career. To get a copy of the Dare to be Deliberate Action Plan, go here.


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