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I must confess, when I decided to create a website that wasn’t like every other search firm site, I was both excited and nervous.

Excited because I believe we are a bit different than other recruiting firms, so why not portray that energy and personality within the website? And nervous because virtually every search firm website has a similar look and feel – and our new one isn’t that.

So here we are – ready to step out and soar. For our clients, we want you to see that we know and love marketing and communications. That our culture is one that values being collaborative, responsive and strategic – providing candid, objective counsel when you need it most. We don’t rely on job postings because we have a process that helps us target the specific skills and characteristics you are seeking and leverages our vast network.

For our candidates we want to show you that we understand how to build quality relationships with you over time. Your career is not a series of transactional steps but rather a progression, and we want to help you be strategic in those moves.

So take a look at our new site. Sign up for our email list to receive tips, industry news and featured jobs. (I promise that you won’t see more than one email per month unless something spectacularly interesting comes up.) And if there’s a search we can help you with, or it’s time to update us on your career goals, schedule a call with someone on our team.