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It all started when Angee saw a LinkedIn post where CMO Emily Carrion shared that her mother gave her 10 informational interviews as a college graduation gift. That led to a connection and conversation between the two of them about career journeys, great advice and life hacks for being intentional in your career.

In this episode, Emily shares a number of her career strategies that have enabled her to move up quickly in the start up world where she now serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for cybersecurity firm Rubica. Learn how her “ballers list” helps Emily not only stay current on what to read, conferences to attend and trends in the industry, but how she uses that information to have more powerful connections when meeting and developing her network.

Emily is sure to inspire marketing and communications professionals to take a few minutes every day to dare to be deliberate in their careers. And for a little help, grab Angee’s Career Action Plan here.

Emily Carrion

Emily CarrionEmily Carrion is the Chief Marketing Officer at Rubica Cybersecurity. She is a five-time technology start-up veteran and executive marketing leader experienced in enterprise, B2B, SaaS, mobile, and customer experience. She loves to build brands that customers love, drive revenue growth, collaborate across the org, and build high-performing teams. At Rubica, Emily is responsible for all marketing functions from go-to-market strategy to customer experience, and everything in between. She’s also an active investor and board member.


If you don’t already have your Career Action Plan, you can get one here.

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