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It’s Thanksgiving week if you’re listening to this podcast within a few days of release. In this episode, Angee shares how grateful she is for those in her professional community. And she also offers a personal story of some changes she’s made in her life as the universe makes it abundantly clear that you can’t wait to pursue those things you’ve dreamed about, or wait to spend time with people who are the most important to you.

After months of struggling to keep the positive attitude that is so natural to Angee in normal times, one day she woke up and decided. She decided it was time to take action instead of waiting for the world to return to what we knew it to be. Within days of making that decision – good things started to happen. It was as if the energy had shifted and momentum began to build.

Through her personal story, Angee reminds us that our personal and professional lives are one. We bring our whole selves to the table every day. It’s what makes us who we are — and it’s another way we can all dare to be deliberate.


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