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Job Search Mythbuster: There are no jobs

For someone in job search during Covid-19, this feels true. But it’s not true. Companies are still hiring – just not as much and it’s taking longer to get through the process.

Former colleague and friend Linda Glass and I teamed up to share three mythbusters around job search. Over the years, I’ve come to know Linda as a great go-to resource, known for her exceptional executive and career coaching skills, and creative approach to aligning your true self to all that you do. We had fun busting our first career related myth together! Including some resources below:

  • Here’s who’s hiring now on LINKEDIN– this is updated frequently and while, yes, there are many “service” facing companies, other industries are being added. PLUS don’t assume all those “service” companies are just hiring customer-facing positions. They offer more!
  • For communications professionals, don’t forget to check out the PRSA Job Center.
  • “Built In”.. While not in every city, this online HUB is a great resource for startups + tech.
  • You’ve had a taste of flexibility, look for more opportunities via Flex Jobs.
Know someone who’s found a job recently? Share with us – who’s hiring? What tips do you have?