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Linsey Careers recently went through a little brand refresh. Every now and then, we all need to take a moment and think about how we’re telling our own story. In this episode, Angee shares her process and how you can do a personal brand refresh as well.

Since writing her book, Dare to be Deliberate, Angee confesses that she has felt a little unclear about how she was representing Linsey Careers and the services offered. After some serious reflection, she realized she didn’t want to change the work she was doing, but rather how she talked about it.

In this episode, Angee shares her thoughts on the recent Linsey Careers brand refresh and how you can do the same for your personal brand. Is it time to adjust how you tell your professional story? What if you are doing more than one thing? How do you tie your various areas of expertise together when talking about what you do?

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