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In her book, Dare to Lead, Brene Brown talks about how being clear is kind and being unclear is unkind. When it comes to the workplace, talking to someone directly is clear and kind; talking behind someone’s back is unclear and unkind. In this episode, Angee shares a few stories of how gossip in the workplace affected her, and how one respected leader was masterful at shutting down gossip.

How do you know if something is gossip? If conversations at work turn to rejoicing in the misfortune of others, it’s gossip. Would you say that thing to that person’s face? If the goal is to hurt or damage the one you are talking about, it’s gossip. Are you speculating on an unsubstantiated rumor about someone’s work situation? Definitely, gossip.

Some solutions may be that your organization can enact a zero tolerance policy on workplace gossip. As a leader, you can set an example. Don’t engage in gossip. Be assertive, walk away or change the subject when gossip starts. Others will get the picture pretty quickly. Listen in to learn more.


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