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If your career path has felt “random” in comparison to those who took the traditional path of big corporate jobs and progressive responsibility, it can feel a little daunting when in job search. How do you explain that what you’ve done is relevant to that next role you want?

As marketing and communications professionals, we tend to be way better at telling everyone else’s story. When it comes to telling our own, we just don’t do it quite as well. So be your own client and turn that seemingly random or interesting background into a great story. Tell it in a way that resonates for your intended audience – that being the person reading your resume or cover letter, or interviewing you.

Angee shares how it can be helpful to practice how you tell your story and ways to better describe what you’ve done. And most importantly – stop telling yourself that your unconventional career path is a bad thing. There are many hiring leaders who value a road less traveled.


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