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Emily CarrionPodcasts

Emily Carrion, CMO Rubica

It all started when Angee saw a LinkedIn post where CMO Emily Carrion shared that her mother gave her 10 informational interviews as a college graduation gift. That led to a connection and conversation between the two of them about…
Sharon Tousley
August 12, 2020
Dare to be Deliberate PodcastPodcasts

Short: Avoid Career Derailers

Career derailers can be caused by attitude or action. In her book, Dare to be Deliberate: Level Up Your Communications Career, Angee asked the communications executive leaders she interviewed about some career derailers they have witnessed among those rising in…
Sharon Tousley
July 29, 2020
Bryan AdamsPodcasts

Bryan Adams, CEO Ph.Creative

When someone is researching an organization to decide if they are going to consider a job opportunity there, they want to know the truth about the culture and opportunities for growth. So often the only thing that a company’s career…
Sharon Tousley
July 1, 2020